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You have connected dozens of WiFi in your mobile, and your mobile remembers the WiFi which you have connected on your mobile. Be it home, school, work, gym, coffee shop hotspot in a relative’s apartment, or even from a friend’s phone. Whenever you type wi fi password in your mobile then your mobile is easily and sai achieves it and later it is difficult this time comes when you enter your mean first password and try to connect it then that tabu is difficult.

May be your friend want to get access point with chemical viral safe wireless, but your friend may want to login with the same hotspot. If you can’t get the source password, check your Android phone or tablet for credentials , but looking at the Wi-Fi network stored in your settings won’t show the password in plain text. Maybe you It’s possible to get a simple password for a Wi-Fi network from your device’s settings, but it’s not visible at first glance. If you have an Android-based phone or tablet, such as a Samsung Galaxy, this will be even less obvious than if you were using stock Android on a Google Pixel model. Either way, find saved Wi-Fi passwords on Android

It is as simple as that but not as easy as Apple has recently launched in its iOS 16 and iPad OS 16.

Go to your instructions

▶Stock up to 13 Android to 10 Android

▶Samsung Galaxy Android 10 Android 13

▶Android 6 to Android 9 on non-rooted devices

▶Android 4.4 to Android 9 on rooted devices

Stock up to 13 Android to 10 Android Finding the plaintext password for a stored Wi-Fi network is easiest on stock Android 10 Android 12 Android, 11, and 13 Android. No root is required, and there is no need for an additional app.

Which is from the Google Pixel device. They can run Android 10, and the new models of Android 13 can also support it . Apart from this, new updates of the operating system have come.

And while the Android One program is no longer a thing, manufacturers that sold Android One smartphones like LG, Nokia, Motorola, and Xiaomi still provide software updates for at least two years after the device’s release. are bound by Google’s requirements. Phones like the Nokia 10 and X20 support Android 13, but all other phones released in 2020 or 2021 will probably be more on Android 12.

The one which has come below itself is similar to Android and moreover, which is also close to the stock experience of Android. This may also work for other models that do not have a custom connection menu. Immediate actions.

New in all of you in WiFi setting open the setting here.

▶Tap an existing network or select “Saved networks” and select one.

▶Tap “Share” under the network name.

▶If you have device security setup, authenticate yourself.

▶See the plain text password below the code. QR

Complete instructions

“Wi-Fi.” First of all, go to the menu in your Settings app. I am interested in the software of your phone and if you want to explore new ways of using office, then you can.

▶Search for “Wi-Fi” in Settings, then tap the Wi-Fi result.

▶Open Wi-Fi settings from Google Assistant, ” say to

▶Long press the Wi-Fi symbol in Quick Settings.

▶On Settings — Network & Internet -> Internet

▶Go to Settings -> Network & Internet -> Wi-Fi.

▶Go to Settings – Wi-Fi (Android 11 only

Or on the Internet Settings page, tap on the top Wi-Fi network you’re currently connected to (bottom left (image) if that’s the one you need a password for.

Otherwise, scroll down and select the “Saved Networks” option. Below the middle screenshot. On the saved list, you will see the SSID or Service Set Identifier. Commonly called Network Name – Every Wi-Fi – For the Fi network that remembers your phone or tablet. Choose the one you need (bottom right screenshot

Now press the “Share” option below the network name and status. You can scan it with your fingerprint, scan your face, and apart from this, the graph has a security setup, so you can also enter your password, and it will also ask to enter it. Below the QR code that stores the network credentials, you’ll see the password in plain text.

You can connect a device, be it an Android phone or tablet iPhone or iPad, to the access point by using its QR code scanner to scan the code.

Samsung Galaxy Android 10 Android 13

Samsung added a skin called One UI to the base Android system, 5.1 One UI is the latest version for Android 13 as of January 2023. There are many such grains that look different from Google Pixel, and you can include it. Apart from this, you can also give the password of a safe WiFi.

Also, viewing passwords isn’t as Wi-Fi and later 2. One UI is easy as it is on stock Android, but it’s relatively easy now – it’s just a bit more work. so we if you want to connect with the wifi password network, we block Samsung, which is apart from this. You can also use wifi for free

You go to your connection, and you will get the option of Manage and Sub-Manage, open it.

✔Tap the cog for the current network.

✔Tap the “Code. QR”

✔Tap “Save Image as” to save it to your gallery.

✔Open Google Lens or open the image in Google Photos.

✔Open the photo in Google Lens or tap the Google Photos Lens icon. I

✔Extend the crop outside the QR code circle if needed.

✔See Sadh’s password in the results. The text

Complete instructions

Find the WiFi option in Settings.

Ask to open “Settings.” Wi-Fi” to Bixby

Ask Assistant (if installed) to open “Wi-Fi Google settings. Long press the Wi-Fi symbol in Quick Settings. Look for “Wi-Fi” in Settings, then tap the Wi-Fi result. If it doesn’t take you directly to the Wi-Fi submenu, tap “Wi-Fi” in the Connections menu. Go to Settings -> Connections -> Wi-Fi below image).

Once in the Wi-Fi submenu, tap the cog next to the network SSID service set identifier, usually called the name of the network, to which you are currently connected.

Next, select QR Code under Network Information. You can just connect connect the qr code network and connect with free love for stock, which can dry. Another important difference is that you won’t see the network password in plain text. You can’t even ask Bixby for that.

On the code page, press Save as image to QR. You can save any image in Google lens by scanning it and saving it in the gallery. You can do this in different ways: Open Photos if installed), select Google Photos, and press the Lens” button.Tap the camera button on the app’s home screen widget (Google if installed), then select the saved photo. You may need to tap the gallery icon in the corner before selecting a photo (pictured below).Open the Google app (if installed), tap the camera icon in the search bar, and then select a saved photo. You may need to tap on the gallery icon in the corner before selecting an image.Open the Lens app (if installed), then select the image saved by Google. You may need to tap on the gallery icon in the corner before selecting an image.Either way, if it’s the first time using Google Lens for Photos, you’ll need to give it permission to access your gallery. You allow its prompt and press it.

Google Lens will start scanning the image, and it can focus on everything inside the QR code circle, which won’t show you what you need. If so, manually crop the image to get past the QR code circle.When it successfully reads the QR code, it will display the network credentials in plain text below the image, including the password.

Android 6 to Android 9 on non-rooted devices There are apps that help you generate QR codes for Wi-Fi hotspots, but you need to know the password. It’s no help if you don’t know it.

App or open the Google Lens app or tap the Lens icon Google in the home screen widget of the Google app).Select an image from your gallery or search from your camera.

If using a camera, point it at the QR code and tap the shutter button.

▶Scroll up the results to see the plain text password draw

▶Quick Steps for Google Photos:

▶Open the Photos app. Google

▶Select a photo from your gallery. Tap “Lens” on the photo.

▶Extend the crop outside the QR code circle if needed.

▶Pull up the results to see the plain text password.

Complete instructions

First, open either the Google Lens bottom left screenshot or the Google Photos bottom right screenshot.

Next, select an image with a QR code from your gallery. You can also select “Search with your camera” in the Google Lens app if the QR code is printed out or on another device.If yes, scan the code with your camera. After loading the photo to Google Photos, tap the “Lens” button.Google Lens will start scanning the image, and it can focus on everything inside the QR code circle, which won’t show you what you need. If so, manually crop the image to pass the QR code circles. From when it successfully reads the QR code, it will display the network credentials on the card in plain text, including the password (swipe over to see details).

This will work best if you have installed TWRP and used it to install Magisk for root.

Many apps on the Play Store claim to show your wifi passwords, but we found the only wifi password viewer that works on all our devices.By Alexandros Schillings.When you start Wi-Fi Recovery for the first time, the app will ask for superuser access. Tap Grant” pops up, and it will take you to a list of all the Wi-Fi networks you’ve ever connected to. Each entry shows the password below it.

If you’ve connected to many different Wi-Fi networks while owning your Android device, your list can be quite long. If you forget one of these password.Need to share with another device, so you have some options. Is there any on the list? by tapping the entry and a small menu. Pop would be you. From here, you can either:Tap Copy Password to copy that network’s password to your clipboard, making it easy to paste into your favourite texting app and send it to another device.

Tap Share, then select your favourite texting app from the menu that appears to send the password.


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